Stabbin Cabin

Hello, I am Funky Onion.  Don’t let the biters fool you, I produced the screen name back in the old aol days.  Since then, I’ve even found a band named after it.  I think the name proliferated from my online poker days.  I liked Poker Stars, but I guess Vegas has managed to buy up that market with their poorly served alternative.  Schmucks.

I just bought a boat.  People are giving them away these days.  It’s a 1978 24′ Sea Ray with Flying Bridge.  There’s a nice cabin below with all new upholstery, even a one scoop bait tank.  I like it:

24' SeaRay Flying Bridge

This was the ad that I couldn't pass up.

All new upholstery, and a previous owner with a good discipline on boat care.

I like to fish, My back yard has once again opened up.

I think I’ll name her the Stabbin’ Cabin.

Bon voyage